Ristorante Da Gelsomina - Anacapri, Italy
B&B Da Gelsomina - Anacapri, Italy
B&B Da Gelsomina - Anacapri, Italy
Da Gelsomina - Ristorante
Da Gelsomina alla Migliera
Da Gelsomina alla Migliera
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Da Gelsomina - Restaurant, B&B, and pool

Discover one of Capri's most beloved restaurants, with a refreshing pool overlooking the sea and guest rooms surrounded by the silent countryside of Anacapri.
Choose Da Gelsomina for your island vacation.

In a magical corner of Anacapri, Da Gelsomina B&B, restaurant, and pool is just steps from the breathtaking Migliera scenic overlook facing the Mediterranean sea, one of the most picturesque on Italy's island of Capri.

A serene spot to recharge body and mind in one of the most beautiful and least travelled areas on Capri.

Da Gelsomina is the perfect spot for...

  • travellers who love to explore off the beaten track sights far from mass tourism.
  • travellers who want to completely unplug and unwind.
  • travellers who seek the silence of the pristine countryside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Da Gelsomina is a gastronomic oasis for all those travellers that wish to enjoy the rural and wilder part of Capri and that want to live close to the most spectacular view point on Capri: Belvedere della Migliera. You will be met by personal hospitality and kindness and offered locally produced wine and vegetables. The first class service at Da Gelsomina makes the travelers feel the difference between a very nice hotel and a memorable hotel. The service here constitutes truly great hotel service that makes people come back year after year.

The sense of priority, attention to detail, practicality, follow-through and efficiency are just some of the many important things that a guest experience here. The staff make the guests feel welcome, comfortable and important.

Salim Tarazi

Da Gelsomina - Location

Along the Via Migliera, surrounded by vineyards and perched above the Mediterranean, far from the tourist crowds.

Da Gelsomina is located in an area known as "La Migliera" in Anacapri, a scenic hillside in the open countryside. You can reach us in 30 minutes on foot along the panoramic Via Migliera, or use the free shuttle service to and from the center of Anacapri available free of charge for guests of the restaurant and B&B (9am to midnight).

Free transfers
All resort guests can request a free transfer from the center of Anacapri.
    SINCE 1995
    SINCE 2009

"Great restaurant, fresh food and traditional dishes. Definitely a must when visiting Capri. Excellent, friendly service, informal family atmosphere. We liked the ravioli, pollo al mattone, and the fish. The view is incredible, especially at sunset. I highly recommend it!!!" Alessio TripAdvisor

"There is a convenient shuttle service to the restaurant (just call 15 minutes beforehand the they will come pick you up in), or you can take the prety 30 minute walk along Via Migliera. The perfect spot for a romantic dinner for two under the fantastic pergola, with candles and Neapolitan music in the background!" Kia TripAdvisor

"Complete peace and quiet... excellent food (pollo al mattone to die for)... gorgeous pool... breathtaking view...!!! Anything you could ever want to have a perfect day on Capri is here..." Carolina TripAdvisor